“Enjoyed & learned much. You have a good knowledge of guns & you take your teaching serious. Would recommend your course to others. Many thanks for your time & patience.”

“Having no knowledge of guns, I feel confident to be able to handle a gun”


“This is a great foundation for learning”


“Excellent presentation, range of subject matter. Also, a good general explanation of the need to know laws of Massachusetts”


“This has taken the fear of the unknown out of handling a weapon”

“I took the Utah concealed carry class from Charlie. He was engaging, entertaining and never boring. I learned many new things in my class”

“Thank you for providing such a clear, concise and informative class. I
thoroughly enjoyed it and came away feeling that everything was covered and
answered well”

“The only recommendation that I personally would have is that all of your instructors are as informative as Charlie was”

“I am fairly uncomfortable around guns and have zero interest in owning one myself but this class made me a little more comfortable and confident about having one in the house”  

“Charlie was informative, funny and very able to get the whole class involved and even laughing”

“Charlie Cook was very energetic and professional, he answered everyone’s questions”

“Charlie was very patient. I am new at handling any firearm, with having no experience, he made me feel very comfortable and  confident to the point that where I feel better about obtaining my license”

“Superb class. I already have my class A, I was taking the class with my wife who is applying for hers & this class was far superior to the one I took at my local police station”

“Fun, informative, and engaging with interactive teaching approach”

“I would have no problem recommending this course to anyone that is interested in taking a firearms course on safety”

“Charlie was phenomenal. He was very informative and professional. We all bonded with him quickly and it was just a great morning”

“Charlie Cook was a great instructor. He made the material interesting, informative and was a patient teacher”

“As a student coming in with no prior experience, I left feeling much more confident in basic operation.  The class also left me with the motivation to want to learn more!”

“The course was perfect, even with my hearing loss, I was able to hear the instructor, and the instructor kept his voice loud and clear for the duration of the class”

“Charlie was awesome. He acted professional and handle gun safety very well. He did a great job!”

“Charlie was professional, courteous, and had a great sense of humor.”

“I give the class a “10”! The class was really good. Charlie Cook knew his material “cold” and you could tell from his explanations and experiences that he was confident and that you could trust and believe in what he said and recommended to us. He had excellent “real world” examples of what to expect or do as well as what not to expect or not do under any given situation.  He moved the class along at a good rate of speed, was thorough, energetic, and positive which contributed to an excellent learning experience”

“Charlie Cook was fantastic, detailed, and very professional.  On the firing range, he was fantastic, helpful, patient, and very knowledgeable”

“He were serious when it was necessary, but they also made the class more comfortable with learning about various firearms and proper techniques to ensure that procedures were done correctly”