Why choose PSI?

Charlie Cook has been teaching since 1994. He is very helpful and friendly with students. He has taught hundreds students of all ages firearms safety since he started in 2007. He keeps things light hearted even though ‘firearms’ can be a serious topic and can cover serious issues. He is doesn’t have a military or police background and comes at firearms from a ‘regular person’ view.

 What classes do you teach?

I’m certified to teach several courses. I’m certified with the MA State Police as a Firearms Instructor, the NRA and the Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation. I teach the NRA’s Home Firearm Safety, Basic Pistol, Refuse To Be A Victim, Basic Rifle and Personal Protection In The Home courses. Also the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Course. Please see the course description for more in depth information on those courses.

The course most people take is the NRA’s Home Firearm Safety course as this is the minimum you need to obtain an FID or LTC Class A or B. HFS is basically “rifles, handguns & shotguns” as I say. The Basic Pistol course is all handguns and does have live fire.

 How much is the course?

Prices vary. Please check the course description page. There may be a Travel Fee added to your course. If you get enough friends to take the course with you, a discount may apply.

What materials do I need to bring to a course?

Bring a great attitude to learn and maybe push yourself beyond what you have done before! Certainly, bring something to write with and on, if you’re a note taker. You may receive a handbook or packet to take notes on. There’s lots of information in each course.

How often do you hold classes and where do you have them?

I usually do courses on an “as needed” basis. If we can set up a date that works for both of us, that’s when we will have a class. Often I teach in the comfort of your home, which makes it very easy and convenient for you.

Utah classes are often held at local pubic hotels or sportmen’s clubs.

Where do you do the Live Fire part of classes?

Live Fire is conducted the Worcester Pistol & Rifle Club in Boylston, MA. It is a private shooting in range in central MA.  Check out their website!

How do I register to take a course?

Check the registration page or contact us HERE!

What if I want to start hunting?

In order to legally hunt in MA, you are required to take MA Hunter Ed course. Please check MassWildlife for Hunter Ed courses near you.

Where do I apply for a MA LTC/FID?

Check your local police department. You can get applications HERE